About me and Cloud Cocoland Chocolate

Trish Hawkins - Founder of Cloud Cocoland Chocolate

“Trish brought together experts in the industry – mould makers, packaging experts, and chocolatier – a one stop shop to make our confectionery for our Thermomix Marketing Conference a reality. Trish matched my expectations by delivering a personalized product meeting our design and flavor standards. Her response was proactive, attentive and on time. I will definitively turn to Trish and her company next time.”
José Namén, International Recipe Marketer, Thermomix

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I’m Trish Hawkins, lifelong chocolate-lover, formerly 9-5 accountant, then small-scale handmade chocolate maker … Now running a fully fledged artisan and bespoke chocolate making business with lots of happy customers and some very big corporate clients.

From chocolate obsession to chocolate business

It all started back in 2008, when I graduated from making chocolates for friends to supplying farmers’ markets. They went down a storm, word spread, demand grew – and the following year I founded Cloud Cocoland Chocolate.

Customers immediately loved the quality, attention to detail – and most importantly, the extent to which they could personalise their bespoke chocolates. Since 2009, many big companies (like the BBC, ITV, Baileys and Qatar Airlines, to name but four) have come along, looking for something different by way of promotional chocolates. I (and my growing team!) have created corporate chocolates in bespoke moulds; chocolates embossed with corporate logos; chocolate bars in corporate wrappers and boxes; chocolate give-aways for trade shows and events; small bars; big bars; bespoke chocolate truffles … and lots more, all to meet the wishes of each individual business. 

Would you like some promotional chocolate for your business? Take a look at our corporate chocolate and chocolate for events pages; email me at Trish@CloudCocoland.co.uk or give us a call on 0203 016 1442
for a chat about what you’d like.

Talking to fellow chocolate lovers – and creating bespoke chocolate

I love helping businesses to impress and thank their clients with fabulous, unforgettable promotional chocolate. But one of the best things about the other side of Cloud Cocoland – making chocolates to sell to individual customers – is the interaction I get with you, the people who eat it! 

So, for example, when people who’ve already had one of our chocolate boxes come back for another, they sometimes ask to have more of one particular chocolate that they especially liked. As long as I’ve got the stock, I’m always happy to personalise the contents of your chocolate box.

Winning the Guardian Christmas Selection Box Taste Test

Before I knew it, within less than three years of founding Cloud Cocoland, I’d won the 2011 Guardian Christmas Selection Box Taste Test (jointly with Fortnum & Mason and Rococo Chocolates). I’m proud of all the great press reviews we get, but this was sooo exciting!

And here I am today, no longer spending all my days (just some!) making and wrapping individual chocolates, but still ensuring that you get a quality of artisan chocolate – and bespoke chocolate service – that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

So what makes my chocolate business different?

… And why would you want to buy from Cloud Cocoland Chocolate?

My long-established customers tell me it all comes down to three things:

  • the extent to which you, the customer, can specify what you want – down to, for example, having a chocolate truffle made especially for you
  • the unusual attention to detail and quality at every stage of the chocolate-making and wrapping process, and
  • the ‘personal chocolatier’ service.

Clichéd as it may sound, when the internet is awash with people proclaiming how ‘passionate’ they are about what they do, I really do love chocolate. Always have, always will. And it’s that love of luxury artisan chocolate, of the very best chocolate in the world, that keeps me enthusiastically creating new recipes and flavours …

I hope that you, the favourite people you buy for and your corporate clients all enjoy eating our lovingly produced Cloud Cocoland chocolate as much as I – and my team – enjoy making it!