3 Months Deluxe

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Three monthly ‘keepsake’ boxes of 16 of the finest artisan chocolates delivered to your door – or that of the person you’re buying for.

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Deluxe Monthly Chocolates - 3 months membership

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  • Deluxe Monthly Chocolates - 3 months membership
  • Deluxe Monthly Chocolates - 3 months membership
  • Deluxe Monthly Chocolates - 3 months membership
  • Deluxe Monthly Chocolates - 3 months membership
  •  3 Months Deluxe


Three ‘keepsake’ boxes of luxury chocolate delivered to your door

"The ginger chocolates last month were to die for - intense, dark and full of glorious flavour - best I have had. Loved the lavender chocolates this month - beautiful bouquet as you bit into them." 
T Clark

As a deluxe chocolate club member, you’ll have three ‘keepsake’ boxes of luxury artisan chocolate delivered to your door. (We usually send them out around the middle of the month.)

Each box contains 16 handmade chocolates in two, three or four flavours, which we vary from season to season and are constantly adding to.

Customise your deluxe chocolate club membership

Use the Special Request box above to customise your chocolate club membership and tell us:

  • If you’d like the first box of chocolates sent to you for you to give personally
  • If you’d like us to customise the contents of your chocolate boxes – to include particular flavours of ours that you’ve had before, to have more of a particular type of chocolate such as milk, white, or dark chocolate – or to exclude nuts and alcohol, for example
  • If you’d like us to deliver your three chocolate boxes at two-monthly intervals instead of every month.

Further benefits of deluxe chocolate club membership 

"My 3 month membership is sadly up – but I am going to persuade my other half to sign me up again as it has been a pleasure receiving new chocolates every month. They are fabulous."
C Hall

There are other benefits of deluxe chocolate club membership besides receiving your regular box of artisan chocolates! As a member you will also:

  • Receive details of how we’ve made each chocolate in your box – plus an easy chocolate truffle recipe
  • Be the first to taste new flavours and get to comment on them too, if you like – we love to hear what our chocolate club members say
  • Learn more about chocolate and chocolate making – we send you interesting little facts and snippets
  • Get chocolate recipes, tips and tricks of the trade – so you can achieve professional results at home
  • Receive lucky dip goodies from time to time
  • Be first in line for extra (free!) goodies like over-runs and lop-sided chocolates that don’t pass our stringent beauty tests but still taste divine. And …

Chocolate club members enjoy 15% off all online orders for life!

Both you and the person you buy deluxe Cloud Cocoland chocolate club membership for will get 15% off all online orders for ever and ever. 

Join our deluxe chocolate club now by clicking add to bag above (just above the ‘Details’ bar).

monthly chocolate club - chocolate delivery

To find out more about Cloud Cocoland deluxe chocolate club membership, email trish@cloudcocoland.co.uk or give us a call on 020 8783 3767. 

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