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Bespoke Corporate Chocolate
Bespoke Corporate Chocolate
Bespoke Corporate Chocolate


From chocolate obsession to chocolate business

Trish Hawkins is the Founder of Cloud Cocoland Chocolate, a handmade chocolate company providing bespoke corporate gifts for those who want something different, special & tasty! Trish's strengths lie in being able to bring together experts in the industry - mould makers, packaging experts, and chocolatier - a one stop shop to make your confectionery based marketing ideas a reality. Trish built the company from the humble beginnings of handmade chocolates at local farmers markets in 2008, gathering a wealth of experience in the chocolate industry along the way, & is now working with high end clients including the Dorchester Hotel Collection, Fremantle Media & the BBC. Trish prides herself on working with every single client personally to ensure each one is delighted, & her customer service is second to none!

Winning the Guardian Christmas Selection Box Taste Test

Within less than three years of founding Cloud Cocoland, we won the 2011 Guardian Christmas Selection Box Taste Test (jointly with Fortnum & Mason and Rococo Chocolates). We are proud of all the great press reviews we get, but this was sooo exciting!

So what makes our chocolate business different?

… And why would you want to buy from Cloud Cocoland Chocolate?

Our long-established customers tell us it all comes down to three things:

  • the extent to which you, the customer, can specify what you want – down to, for example, having a chocolate truffle made especially for you

  • the unusual attention to detail and quality at every stage of the chocolate-making and wrapping process, and,

  • the ‘personal chocolatier’ service.


Cliché as it may sound, when the internet is awash with people proclaiming how ‘passionate’ they are about what they do, we really do love chocolate. Always have, always will. And it’s that love of luxury artisan chocolate, of the very best chocolate in the world, that keeps us enthusiastically creating new recipes and flavours …

We hope that you, the favourite people you buy for and your corporate clients all enjoy eating our lovingly produced Cloud Cocoland Chocolate as much as our team enjoy making it!

Drop us a line and lets talk chocolate!